The Better Wealth Advantage™

Peter Richards Advisory Group uses a thoughtful and advanced planning process to understand and serve the important needs of our clients. By designing intelligent and tax efficient approaches that increase and protect the wealth of business owners, private practice professionals and farming families, we serve the needs of their families, companies and communities.

1. Right Fit Review™

The work we do is highly specialized and isn’t for everyone. The start of our process is a deliberate conversation to determine if our work may be relevant to your situation.

2. Better Wealth Information™

A strategic inventory of information is required in order to ensure that the planning we do is accurate, relevant and clear. A wealth discovery conversation ensures that the right information is gathered to deliver true value.

3. Capital Efficiency Analysis™

This analysis provides a clear reference point of the current situation and what outcomes and improvements may be possible, along with justifiable recommendations to allow you to make an informed decision on the best use of your capital.

4. Advantage Plan™

A good idea is only useful if there is an action plan to bring it to reality. For clients who choose to proceed on our recommendations, we provide an execution model for direct, sensible implementation.

5. Next Generation™

A plan for effective governance of family wealth is critically important. To ensure wealth is managed for intergenerational success, we help build a strategy that includes four key areas: family values, family education, family communication, and family philanthropy.

6. Better Wealth Checkup™

Strategic initiatives play out over time. That means that ongoing tracking and measurement are required to ensure that plans progress as expected, or that appropriate adjustments are made. The Better Wealth Checkup™ initiative ensures plans are managed accordingly.

“It is a privilege to be able to integrate our advantage process to uncover our clients' key concerns, opportunities and strengths and help build exciting futures."

Peter Richards

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