Preserving Wealth for Farming Families

60 years of financial experience and three generations of agricultural industry experience.


Retirement Income Planning

When it comes time to draw on your assets for retirement living, what is best to use that you’ve built up so that it lasts, and so that taxes are kept to minimum. As a farm business transitions, so will your capital as you continue to draw your income.

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Turning Your Assets into Money

You have choices about what happens to your farm in the future, and one of those choices is selling to a third party. The right planning can help determine your options which could positively impact your your family, and your plans for the next generations.


Transition of assets to family and generational planning

If you choose to pass your farming operation on to your family, there are significant opportunities to structure your plan so you provide the Legacy you would like, without letting the “tax man” control your decisions. It all comes down to what you want, why it’s important to you, and how we will get you there.

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