The Planning Puzzle

Summer is here, and with that a little time to slow down and enjoy it with family and friends.  It has also allowed us to reflect on our work and think clearly about the important aspects of a complete wealth preservation plan.

Wealth planning is sometimes simple and sometimes complicated, but should always involve these key pieces of the puzzle:

  • A clear understanding of your key concerns, opportunities and strengths
  • A detailed understanding of your personal and corporate assets.
  • A detailed understanding of your personal goals with respect to long term spending
  • A projection of all assets at reasonable growth rates per asset class, including the impact of inflation on your wealth
  • A tax efficient income plan that changes regularly as your needs change
  • A tax efficient transfer of remaining wealth to the next generations and charity if that becomes important to you
  • A review annually of all assets and assumptions to keep your plan effective

Have a good summer!

Peter Richards

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