Protecting Assets


I’m sure you have thought about your family’s wealth during this unprecedented time. Quite possibly you have considered the importance of protecting your assets.
It’s not something that gets everyone fired up, but it is something that’s core to building wealth for now and for the future. That’s why business owners spend time looking at how they are protected and yours is more complex because you’re taking care of business protection and personal protection.

Here are a few things to consider.

For your business, when is the last time you reviewed the ownership, payor and beneficiary of your corporation’s insurance policy(ies)?  Have there been changes lately or are you anticipating changes to the business? Transferring an insurance policy may also be beneficial before any tax rules are changed further.

On the personal front, have there been changes lately to any family circumstances which maybe cause for review?

From an estate prospective when was the last time you had a review to make sure your affairs are in order, set up tax efficiently and arranged to benefit your family.

Hope you’re having a good summer,

Pete, Darroll and Jeff

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