It’s Always a Good Time for Strategic Ideas New Date

Would You like to spend 45 minutes learning about some serious strategic thinking that could benefit your business and family.

You are cordially invited on October 14th at 4pm to attend a zoom video hosted by Peter Richards Advisory Group, moderated by Peter. We have three esteemed speakers to spend time in an effort to help your family navigate through this unprecedented time.

Dr. Tom Deans (bio) will join us again and he will take questions from me and speak on the topic of family governance and estate planning.  Mr. Greg Toner CPA, CA(bio) will discuss tax planning concerning the valuation of shares of a business and the next generation.  Mr. Trevor Parry (bio) will bring his expertise to look at a unique strategy leveraging bank capital.

Please email to register. All guests will receive a Willing Wisdom Index Code which is a unique estate planning tool.

All the best,

Peter, Darroll and Jeff.

Mr. Greg Toner

I’m combining what I love – working with driven people, finance, and tax to help entrepreneurs and their teams make sense of their business’ financial performance and building understanding on what levers to use to make improvements.

A well-rounded CPA, CA with over a decade of experience working with proprietorships, partnerships, owner-managed corporations, venture-backed start-ups, and high net worth individuals to build tax-efficient financial advisory solutions.

I’m able to leverage a wide range of experience spanning industries including professional services, SaaS, dental, medical, veterinary, construction, real estate, and R&D. 

Dr. Thomas William Deans

is the author of the all-time best-selling family business book, Every Family’s Business: 12 Common Sense Questions to Protect Your Wealth.

He now speaks on the international lecture circuit full time. Having delivered more than 500 speeches, he has built a reputation as a thought leader on the subject of intergenerational wealth transfer.

His lectures and books argue that family has emerged as the greatest economic driver of all time. But the question remains: How can wealth be transferred successfully without destroying the recipient and the wealth itself?

It is a question for the times, as the greatest generation of wealth creators move toward death in record numbers. Deans explores the idea that communication is crucial to the success of that transfer, and indeed to the success of individuals, families and communities.

The idea to write Willing Wisdom came from Tom watching his mother’s parents die. One death – his grandfather’s – was comparatively quick. His grandmother’s was a long and slow ten-year decline. Despite the significant wealth his grandparents left for family and charity, it is the conversations they shared that Tom thought about the most many years later.

In the end, when it came down to their last breaths, only the care provided by Tom’s parents, not money or even the promise of money, could purchase the dignified death each experienced.

Tom is not sure when he first became curious about why our culture has lost its inquisitiveness about death and dying, but he does know, having delivered his keynote speech on transitioning family wealth to tens of thousands of people around the world, that this trend is worsening.

We live in a culture that is in awe of wealth and all that it can provide. We also live in a culture that finds it difficult to talk about and contemplate death. The two are inextricably connected.

Tom starts conversations, but rarely does he finish them, leaving that to readers and their families, friends and trusted advisors.

Trevor R. Parry

Trevor is a Tax and Estate Planning advisor offering consulting services through the TRP Strategy Group. He was formerly National Sales Director of a national actuarial consulting company specializing in creating retirement solutions for entrepreneurs and incorporated professionals. In that capacity he was involved directly or indirectly in establishing over 2000 Individual Pension Plans and 400 Retirement Compensation Arrangements, as well as a broad range of other structures and services.

Trevor contributed to the Essential IPP Guide, the Trusted Advisor Survival Kit and Advisors Seeking Knowledge. He has also written for CALU, Advocis and Financial Planning magazine.

Trevor was called to the Ontario Bar in 1996. He holds a Master Laws in Taxation from Osgoode Hall Law School, a Bachelor of Laws from Queen’s University, a Master of Arts in History from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Arts from Trinity College at the University of Toronto.

In addition to being an Associate Member of CALU, Trevor is also a member of Advocis holding the CLU designation, the Canadian Tax Foundation, Law Society of Upper Canada, Society STEP, Hamilton Law Association, Royal Canadian Military Institute, and the Albany Club.

Trevor is a regular speaker across Canada speaking on a broad range of tax and financial planning and strategy related issues. He is a vehement defender of entrepreneurial spirit, personal responsibility, free enterprise, free speech and liberty. He lives in Ancaster with his wife Lindsey and his three daughters.

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