Let’s Debunk Three Myths About Life Insurance

Clients and friends,

Considering corporate insured asset planning in your holding company? Here are three key misconceptions we’d like to clear up:

  1. It’s viewed as a nonessential if you already have wealth. Instead of a costly non-essential, life insurance can be viewed as another asset class within your diversified investment portfolio. You will benefit from tax-advantaged growth and create more wealth for family or charity; not the government.
  2. It’s not a flexible strategy. Corporately owned life insurance is more flexible than you think—consider it another stock investment and another bank account. As things change in life, your policy can change too.
  3. It’s a poor investment. Whole life insurance policies have been paying dividends for over 100 years. Because of the tax savings and estate benefit, its “Internal Rate of Return” (IRR) can be considerable.

Corporately owned life insurance can play a key role in your investment diversification and estate plan. We’re here if you’d like to chat more about how it can help you to achieve an efficient tax and investment strategy now, and for your family’s future.

Ready when you are.

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