BNN Estate Planning Video Series

Recently BNN produced an informative three part interview series covering a range of important topics on the subject of...
By Jeff Neal | 2018/10/18 | News

Family meetings emerging as a new facet of financial planning

“I wanted them to have a thorough understanding of my affairs and to know exactly what my assets were...
By Jeff Neal | 2018/08/14 | News

Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness

As part of our CALU association we have received a letter that has been sent by the Coalition for...
By Jeff Neal | 2018/06/08 | News

A handy way to save tax: Insure your kids

A unique but often overlooked strategy! This planning strategy has emerged in our work lately and is proving to...
By Jeff Neal | 2018/04/03 | News

2018 CALU Federal Budget Report

By Jeff Neal | 2018/03/23 | News

Ottawa’s tweaks to proposed tax reforms don’t go nearly far enough

Read what the Globe and Mail had to say about Finance Minister Bill Morneau's news conference on Oct. 19, 2017....
By Peter Richards | 2017/09/30 | News

Dr. Tom Deans with Peter Richards

On March 27, 2017 Peter Richards hosted an event about inter-generational wealth planning with the renowned speaker Dr. Tom...
By Peter Richards | 2017/09/10 | News

Finance Tax Proposals Threaten Family Business Planning

The tax community is reeling from Finance’s proposals in general, which the government says “improve the fairness of Canada’s...
By Peter Richards | 2017/08/22 | News

Intergenerational Wealth Planning

Dear Friends, I recently attended a conference which featured two experts in the area of family planning and intergenerational...
By Peter Richards | 2016/11/25 | News

How an estate freeze can fend off clawbacks

Article sourced from the Globe and Mail.
By Peter Richards | 2016/10/06 | News

Annuity Changes

Legislation is changing landscape of prescribed annuities. You guessed it, more tax to pay on planning after 2016... Buying...
By Peter Richards | 2016/08/12 | News

The Secret To More Productivity!?

Take Time Off!
By Peter Richards | 2016/08/12 | News

Life Insurance Isn’t Taboo

The experts like life insurance.....An often misunderstood tool that can make a significant difference to a integrated wealth plan,...
By Peter Richards | 2016/07/15 | News

The Planning Puzzle

Summer is here, and with that a little time to slow down and enjoy it with family and friends. ...
By Peter Richards | 2016/07/13 | News

Tax Planning for Company Shares

The purpose of this memo is to summarize the use of subsection 164(6) to eliminate the potential double tax...
By Peter Richards | 2016/07/12 | News

Changes are coming for professionals and business owners

The message is clear from Parliament Hill as of late. There are changes on the horizon that will affect...
By Peter Richards | 2016/07/05 | News
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