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Peter Richards Advisory Group is merging with breadth consulting

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Pete Richards

We Help Business Families Make the Most of What They've Built

A combined more than fifty years of providing advanced wealth planning for business owners, private practice professionals, and farming families.

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The focus of our planning comes from a detailed analysis of our client’s wealth, a clear understanding of what matters most to them, and clarification of how they have allocated their assets so that we can find the most efficient way to grow and protect their wealth.  We develop a detailed strategy which demonstrates a plan that makes sense for our client and that serves their goals. We then work to implement that plan, alongside their other advisors, and continuously monitor the plan to ensure it exceeds our clients’ expectations.


"I am very pleased with the way Peter “took inventory” of my personal situation and developed a plan to meet my financial and family needs as I moved into my retirement years. His expertise and common sense approach gave me complete peace of mind."

William R. Dempsey

Former President, Bowes Publishers Limited; Chief Operating Officer, Sun Media

"I appreciate the depth and the time spent with myself and our V.P. of finance to make sure the solutions align clearly with my situation. I would not hesitate in recommending your services to other business owners, especially when it comes to dealing with maximizing the value of corporate wealth, tax, and estate planning matters."

Andy Spriet

President, Spriet Associates

"He understands the importance of family and ethical values and has always taken the extra time to incorporate these issues into his recommendations. I highly value his advice, attention to detail and common-sense approach."

Dr. Jeremy R. Harris

"The time you have taken to make sure that your solutions are clearly aligned with my personal situation has impressed me. I was also very happy to see how accurate your projections have been."

Geoff Connors

President, PipeSak Incorporated

"I have been very happy with your ability to clarify all of my personal and business issues with my accountant … including the integration and accuracy of our capital forecast and tax topics."

John Hatch

John Hatch Sports Camps Ltd.

"With a customized plan in place it has given us peace of mind that our hard earned capital will continue to grow and allow for a solid financial base and effective transfer of wealth to another generation."

Dr. Jack Jung and Dr. Eleanor Huang

"We appreciate the process and detail you have entailed to make sure that your solutions are clearly aligned with our needs and issues."

Dr. Ibrahim Oozeer

Oozeer & Millar Optometry Professional Corporation

"My wife and I were very impressed with Peter's ability to simplify the complicated and put together a financial plan which will protect and grow our family's assets. He cares about our life goals and has been very responsive to our changing needs."

Mark Brown

Partner, adHOME Creative

“The Peter Richards advisory group helped me with a thorough review of my current planning and structure of my business and personal assets and income. Their objective was to insure my planning and structure  across my business and personal portfolio was aligned with the most tax effective strategies. Through their review they made specific, actionable recommendations that saved me money and provided value to my long term planning specifically around insurance products. Peter has consistently and patiently stewarded ongoing dialogue and planning that is driving value “

Tim Culliton

President and CEO, Culliton Mechanical Electrical HVAC
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